Research by Jahongir “Jhon” Usmanov


“I have had the pleasure of working with Jhon on a family history since the Fall of 2013. This history project would not have come to fruition without the expertise and guidance provided nearly every step of the way. He was always very professional yet friendly and tactful.

I’m very pleased with the work that you have done and how it is so clear and organized. I do plan to continue with the suggested research that you provided.

I highly recommend to anyone needing research assistance.”

Susan H., Toms River, NJ

I am delighted to recommend Jahongir Usmanov as a researcher/genealogist in the highest possible terms. In 2012, he performed some complicated research for me at the New York Municipal Archives. Not only did he do it excellently, he did it amazingly rapidly – to my benefit rather than his. He’s the best. If you wish to contact me directly about this, I’m at
Bonnie S. Anderson, Professor Emerita of History, City University of New York.”

Bonnie S. A., Brooklyn, NY

“Jahongir Usmanov solved a family mystery that had confounded our research for generations. We thoroughly enjoyed Jahongir’s thoughtful collaboration and were amazed at what he could find. He was in constant communication about his discoveries and inferences. Due to his perseverance, knowledgable insights and unique “on-site” access to New York City cemetery records and archives, our family tree has grown and broadened within just a few weeks! We would very highly recommend Jahongir Usmanov as an expert and effective genealogist. His assistance was invaluable. Joyce B.Willow Spring, North Carolina. January 8, 2015​”

Joyce B., Willow Spring, NC

“Jahongir assisted me on two project. In one, I was trying to uncover the history of a pioneering nineteenth-century female educator. In another, I was researching the history of a century-old building. For both projects, I had done research myself already, looking at census data and newspaper archives, and thought I had exhausted the available resources and come to a dead end. In each case, Jahongir discovered a much bigger picture. He put together a complete, well-organized historical accountfrom a wide range of sources. He knows the world of archives like it’s his own neighborhood. From tragedies to triumphs, he uncovered forgotten stories and found someone who I thought vanished from history. He’s thorough, thoughtful, loves what he does and is a pleasure to work with.”

Greg S., Brooklyn, NY

“I have had several opportunities to use the services of Mr. Jahongir Usmanov as a genealogy researcher. Each time I have been much impressed with the service I have received.

I live in Aurora, Colorado (near Denver) but the research I required was from Brooklyn, New York where my ancestors lived. We corresponded by email. I found Mr. Usmanov extremely knowledgeable and easy for me to convey my needs. When he responded he made genealogy very understandable. He is very people oriented . When he takes on the project of researching your family history he does the job as if he were researching his own family. He leaves no stone unturned. He checks his work from several sources before he gives you an answer. When you receive the report of his findings it will be very easy to understand.

I am retired now, but during my working years I have done a great deal of real estate title research. If Mr. Usmanov came to me looking for a job I would hire him without a second thought. He is very professional, knowledgeable, thorough, and reliable.”

Robert B., Aurora, CO

“For many years, all we had known about our Irish-American New York City family was that they had come to America in 1846 during the Great Famine.

Jhon helped us reconstruct our family, literally, from six feet under! His knowledge of New York City, its cemeteries and its records , unlocked the key to our Bourke/Burke family heritage. In the past, we would spend months waiting for vital records but with his help, we had answers within days. He is speedy, efficient, and most importantly, thorough. He is always willing to do the “extra mile” to help uncover families that have been hidden for years.

We give him the highest praise for his most excellent work!”

Elaine & Marshall M., Oconto, WI

“Jahongir has served me very well with research on buildings and people for my newspaper column on the history of New York – his expertise with census returns, general web searching and, especially, newspaper resources has been particularly helpful.”

Christopher Gray, Office for Metropolitan History

“Jahongir furthered my family’s genealogical research greatly by translating a Russian document of information gathered in Belarus. We had no idea what the document contained and were eager to learn more of our family’s history before coming to this country. Jahongir did an exceptional job of translation, he even added  his own footnotes based on his genealogical expertise  to help explain some of the obscure references in  the document.

It was a pleasure working with Jahongir. He is friendly and professional, and his work was accomplished in a timely manner. I look forward to working with him in the future on other genealogical projects.”

Deb and Joel Sher

“Jahongir listened to my request, produced professional results in a timely manner and followed up to be sure I was satisfied. I will most likely hire him in the future to crack another “brick wall” in my research.”

Kathleen M., Middletown, MD

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